T-REX Project is a member of the ECOSYSTEX initiative

We're happy to be part of ECOSYSTEX, a network launched by the European Research Executive Agency (REA) to help accelerate collaboration in the textile sustainability and circularity field.
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ECOSYSTEX is a joint initiative of the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA), the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and the Circular-Biobased Europe Joint Undertaking, and is facilitated by the Textile ETP.

The community will focus its work on:

  • interproject collaboration to share best practices and exchange new knowledge,
  • engagement with policymakers to provide support in designing and implementing effective policies and programmes, and
  • dissemination to ensure the interested, public expert community can be informed about the latest developments and results of EU research and innovation projects addressing textile sustainability and circularity.

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  • Collaboration
27 September

T-REX Project consortium meets in the Netherlands

In September, our consortium gathered at the Fashion for Good headquarters in Amsterdam to plan the next steps in the project and share insights and learnings so far. Complete with a site visit to CuRe Technology in Emmen, these few days were very fruitful for T-REX Project, stay tuned for exciting updates!
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  • Conference
26 September

Incorporating social LCA in circularity metrics to avoid the unintended consequences of circular economy

What are the social risks of circular economy transitions in various industries, and what role does social lifecycle assessment play in evaluating these risks? At the 5th PLATE conference this year, Anubhuti Bhatnagar and Kirsi Niinimäki from Aalto University shared suggestions for incorporating social LCA in circularity metrics to avoid the unintended consequences of circular economy.