About the project

Across a three-year period, the T-REX Project will collect and sort household textile waste and demonstrate the full recycling process of polyester, polyamide 6, and cellulosic materials from textile waste into new garments. Simultaneously, the Project aims to demonstrate sustainable and economically feasible business models for each actor along the value chain, conduct lifecycle analysis of the circular process, integrate digital tools that streamline the process of closed loop textile recycling, and produce circular design guidelines.

Working towards a scalable solution for textile recycling

T-REX Project ultimately aims to contribute to a paradigm shift, understanding and identifying the infrastructure, technology and policy needed to encourage the growth of circular value chains. It will work towards developing a systemic approach to addressing the problem of textile waste, whilst also assessing how citizens can be empowered to actively contribute to the paradigm shift, working to build a holistic solution to one of fashion’s biggest sustainability challenges.    

Key milestones

  • Autumn 2022
    Project announcement
  • Summer 2023
    Quality assessment is complete
  • Winter 2023
    Recycled yarn samples produced
  • Winter 2024
    Product demonstrations of circular design guidelines
  • Spring 2025
    Lifecycle assessment is concluded
  • Summer 2025
    Project results shared

Project participants

12 major players from across the entire value chain work collaboratively towards a scalable solution to textile recycling challenges at hand. The organizations are located in different EU states, and will work in synergy to drive textile recycling excellence.

  • University

Aalto University

Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers where science and art meet technology and business. Building a sustainable future by creating novel solutions to major global challenges, they value responsibility, courage, and collaboration.
  • Brand


Global leader in the sporting goods industry with a sustainability mission to help End Plastic Waste through innovations and partnerships that are focused on rethinking materials, redesigning processes, reducing carbon footprint and driving behavioural change.
  • Innovator


Netherlands-based startup that combines design, science, and nature to create a planet-friendly closed loop where products are made, used, collected, and re-entered.
  • Polyamide Producer


BASF create chemistry for a sustainable future by combining economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.
  • Polyester Recycler

CuRe Technology

Consortium of world-leading recycling innovators and experts. Their ground-breaking CuRe Technology for polyester rejuvenation offers low-energy recycling for used polyester in a fully circular chain.
  • Innovation Consultancy

Fashion for Good

Global platform for innovation to inspire change and drive the collective movement to make fashion a force for good. They work directly with the fashion industry to innovate towards solutions that are better for people and the planet, and empower behaviour change through their sustainable fashion museum.
  • University

FAU, The Institute of Polymer Technology

One of Europe's most innovative universities. FAU plays a pioneering role in developing the technologies of tomorrow. The Institute of Polymer Technology is a research institution tied to FAU’s Faculty of Engineering, offering modern processing and testing laboratories with the newest equipment for polymer analysis and vast experience in the field of polymer processing and analysis. 
  • Cellulosics Recycler

Infinited Fiber Company

Creators of breakthrough innovation that can turn any cellulose-rich raw material—think worn out clothes, cardboard, or wheat or rice straw—into unique textile fibres with the natural look and feel of cotton.
  • Fibre Spinner

Linz Textil

Europe’s leading provider of yarn, greige fabric and terry towels with a tradition of almost 200 years.
  • Consultancy


Global sustainability consultancy, pioneering approaches to solve critical environmental challenges. The group partners with leading consumer goods and financial services organizations who are serious about reducing their environmental impacts to future-proof their businesses and prosper in a new planetary economy.
  • Fibres Company

TWD Fibers

Germany’s largest fully integrated producer and specialist for filament yarns, covering the entire range of PES, PA, PP, PE and PBT filament yarns.
  • Waste Management Company


Veolia Group designs and deploys game-changing solutions that are both useful and practical for water, waste and energy management.