ESPR: Current Strategies and Anticipated Impacts | T-REX Project x SCIRT Webinar

Save the date for the 4th and final open webinar of a series by T-REX Project and SCIRT Project on Wednesday, 26 June, at 11:30 CEST.
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This session will be dedicated to the link between the projects and the ESPR regulations for textiles, that have been voted in favour by the European Parliament.

In the 1-hour webinar, we will address the following:
– What is expected in terms of ESPR in Europe.
– The tradeoff between prioritising quality of product vs using recycled garments.
– The challenges faced dealing with chemical recycling as well as garments made before ESPR.
– The tools and models that can be used in the industry to account for ecodesign.

The session is moderated by Kirsi Niinimaki, Associate Professor in Design, Research team leader of Fashion/Textile Futures Aalto University.

Speakers from both projects will share their insights:
Tom Duhoux, Research and Development in Circular Economy at VITO
Simon Gryspeert, Lead Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Flanders DC
Doris Hondtong, Circular Product Developer at Arapaha

Join the webinar LIVE on LinkedIn and ask your questions to the speakers. The recording will be available to revisit open-access.

“Moving towards a circular future in textiles” series
We joined forces with the fellow EU-funded SCIRT Project to organise a series of open webinars to help navigate the transformations taking place in the European textile landscape and highlight how relationships between different players can be nurtured and strengthened to move towards an effective circular supply chain

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