T-REX Project at the ECOSYSTEX Conference

Together with fellow New Cotton Project, our consortium partners attended the first ECOSYSTEX conference in Barcelona, which brought together other EU-funded projects addressing different challenges around sustainability in textiles.
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One of the prominent themes was sorting: There are still many gaps to fill in order to move closer to circularity in the textile industry, ranging from sorting technologies to infrastructure.
T-REX Project brings together players from the entire value chain to create a circular system for post-consumer textile waste, and sorting is one of our focal areas. Head here to learn more about the project.

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16 May

T-REX Project consortium: Introducing Fashion for Good

T-REX Project brings together major players from across the entire value chain to create a harmonised EU blueprint for closed-loop sorting, and recycling of household textile waste. We met with Jyotsna Gopinath, Innovation Analyst at Fashion for Good, to discuss her role in the project, the challenges it addresses, and the future outlook for the sector.