EPR for textiles: Challenges and solutions | T-REX Project x SCIRT Webinar

Revisit the third open webinar of the "Moving towards a circular future in textiles" series by T-REX Project and SCIRT.
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This session was dedicated to the upcoming EPR regulations for textiles, and tackling the challenges related to them. In the 1-hour webinar, we addressed the following:

  • What the upcoming EPR regulations entail for the industry. 
  • The challenges in sorting, recycling and infrastructure.
  • What can make EPR schemes effective, best practices.
  • How we can build an ecosystem that works Europe-wide.

The session was moderated by Evelien Dils, Project Manager – Circular Economy at VITO.

Speakers from both projects shared their insights: 

  • Frank Hopstaken, CEO at FFact
  • Drishti Masand, Senior Manager – Sustainability Direction at adidas

Revisit the recording:

“Moving towards a circular future in textiles” series

We joined forces with the fellow EU-funded SCIRT Project to organise a series of open webinars to help navigate the transformations taking place in the European textile landscape and highlight how relationships between different players can be nurtured and strengthened to move towards an effective circular supply chain. 

Revisit the previous webinar of the series, dedicated to the importance of data and digital-led solutions for scaling circularity in the fashion industry.

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